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#InTheNews: McDonald’s Replaces Happy Meal Toys With Books & Gets Denounced By Critics

Words by Chan Bam

McDonald’s announced they will be offering reading books in their infamous “Happy Meals,” starting November 1, in support of National Family Literacy Day and continue the promotion of literacy through the 14th. Continue reading →

How Not To Get Friendzoned (From A Woman’s POV)

Words by Miss Krissy

1. Don’t act like a buddy.
When you meet someone that you know you’re interested in, don’t play it off like you aren’t. Acting like a friend will get you put in the friendzone real quick. Continue reading →

#InTheNews: 9 Year Old Takes Solo Flight To Vegas

Words by Chan Bam

A 9-year-old stowaway boy was reported by Delta Air employees, when he was on a flight from Minnesota to Las Vegas last week, with no guardian. Continue reading →

Blurred Lines: 9 Similarities Between Rich People & Poor People

Words by Tony Grands

People talk about race being the great divide amongst American citizens but that’s not the case. Clearly a chasm has been created between the haves & the have nots. But as society changes, so do the social specs that govern it. Continue reading →

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#TTGDaily 10/10/13

A brief glimpse at what’s hot & what’s not in the news today… Continue reading →

7 Reasons Why Your Smartphone Is Not Your Friend

Words by Tony Grands

Take a look around you, right now. Notice that everybody you see has some sort of smartphone in their palm, holding on to it for dear life. Continue reading →

#HipHopsTopStories 10/9/13

A brief glimpse at what’s hot & what’s not in the wild world of Hip Hop today… Continue reading →

#InTheNews: Child Care Worker Arrested For Raping Infant, Video Tells All

Words by Chan Bam

A 25 year old Ohio woman, Heather Koon, is facing several counts of rape on defenseless infants, at a daycare where she was employed. Yes you read that correct – infants. Continue reading →


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