Kid Cudi Needs Bodyguards


Remember last December, when Kid Cudi took emo rap to gangsta levels in Canada? Somebody threw a wallet on stage, & in return, he jumped into the crowd & threw a bitch slap? No shots, or pun intended. Many cats, including yours truly, thought he handled the situation with too much emotion. A bit effeminately, if you will. Yet & still, it all blew over, Cudder apologized to dude & that was that.

I’m sure he chalked it up to an occupational hazard, as any fun-loving rapster would, especially since nobody got hurt. Plus, the Canadian guy thought it was cool to get hit by a rapper. Free publicity. I would’ve been pissed, because he lost out on Lady Gaga show money as a result. Really though, to be punished like that for something so minute, Cudi should’ve beat the maple syrup outta that kid. Plus, niggas might’ve thought twice about cracking jokes about his alternative lifestyle so much. But that’s neither her nor there. Now, I’m thinking KC might want to spring for some security these days.

It seems that, during a “surprise performance” out here in Los Angeles, a fan jumped on stage, mid-rappity rap, & kissed Cudi. Oh shit, I forgot to type the word “male” before I typed the word “fan.” Realistically, there’s no way to forecast the improper thoughts of a sexually confused teenager. Especially in Los Angeles. But what happened next left me shocked. Appalled. The smooch bandit dipped back into the crowd, & Cudder continued his rap(s), without much ado whatsoever.

So a man throws a wallet, which may or may not have contained cash, & Kid gets all Pitball on ’em, but when confronted with sexual assault, it’s okay? Suspect, to say the least.

I’ve said countless times that emo is the new gangsta rap, for it’s emotional intensity. But this type of attitude sets rap niggas in general back 15 years. Not that I advise this type of thing, but Cudi should have asked himself WWKD. What would Kanye do? Whatever it would have been, it wouldn’t have been viewed as homosexual. Not that I discriminate or anything. I’ve got gay friends & what not. & before cats starting throwing Wayne’s name out there, at least he followed up his questionable action with enough sperm deposits to repopulate an Ethiopian village.

I’m sure some lucky White girl will catch Cudi’s seed soon enough, & then all will be forgiven. That, or somebody, somewhere, just shouted “I TOLD YOU!” to no one in particular.


3 comments on “Kid Cudi Needs Bodyguards

  1. BrokN_RecorD says:

    I peeped the footage. Cudi is better than me cuz I woulda opened a can and broke my foot off in dudes ass(in my case it would have been a broad that would make me have an adverse reaction). Cudi had ZERO reaction which leads me to now be suspect about his sexuality. I’ve been trying to avoid all the innuendos but now, not so much…


  2. getthesenets says:

    fake emcees,,they always act soft/
    and won’t take stage without their lip gloss/


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