‘Too Much Music’


Allow yourself a moment to take in the image(s) before you continue. Now, forget you saw it.

How many times have you heard people complaining about the lack of “new” music? Or better yet, the amount of “good” music there is out there (wherever the hell that is). It seems to be the requisite gripe when it comes to rap music. Whenever I hear that complaint, I’m often compelled to ask which they’d prefer; quantity or quality, because it seems one will never get both simultaneously. To the person saying there’s not enough music, I say there’s too much music being made right now. You may disagree, but allow me to break it down from the POV of a Hip Hop middleman.

Since blogs are the new radio, that’s where the “artists” send their music. Now, while that may not mean much to the average fan, participating on that side of the sonic influx, to us, who listen & distribute said music via the bloggersphere, it can be somewhat of a headache. In a good way, sort of, but a headache nonetheless.

There’s literally too much music.

the proverbial headbang…

I can’t begin to fathom what it must’ve been like in the 90’s, when hordes of rappers could drive to offices & knock on doors with their most likely horrible music in paw. One has to wonder if that deceased brick & mortar aspect of selling records (to record labels) played a part in the physical facet of the rap industry slowly drying up, what with rappers keeping it realer by the year & all. Really though, the last thing some poor Artists & Repertoire guy needs is to leave the house in search of new talent, only to return home dead because he refused tolisten to some duck sauce demo tape. Not that those types of scenarios played out often during the Golden Era of Rap music, but rappers didn’t get Internet points for murdering the competition back then, either. In the same vein, with artists now being their own A&R, manager, producer & literal recording house (read: bedroom labels & bathroom studios), it’s a lot easier to make & distribute music than it was a couple decades back. [Sidenote: If you call yourself a rapper, but aren’t on fb AND Twitter AND youtube, you’re not really trying to make it as a rapper in 2010. Better luck last year.] That faster, more efficient work ethic spells doom to the timely creative processes that rap fans once took for granted. Virtually anybody can & does “rap” now. So much so that I can’t imagine there are any true rap “fans” left. & the ones who do still exist are so brainwashed to the format of the system that pretty soon, all rap musicians will be failed caricatures of one another, like holding 2 funhouse mirrors in front of each other. That’s kind of what happened to jazz music, but you didn’t hear that from me.

Every morning, if only for a brief time, I scour the ‘Net to see who did what for the day. Obviously I’m looking for various forms of recent coonification©, & generally, the only days I really pay attention to the music leaks are the days I release my own list for consumption. Nonetheless, it’s impossible not to notice the new names & faces that seem to pop-up on every rap website, like that God-awful advertisement for ghostwriting services. No shots at the youngsters, whatsoever, just saying. By the law of averages, at the rate that rappers are multiplying, it’ll get progressively more difficult to find 10 new freshmen, annually. Within the next decade or so, XXL magazine may have to extend the class size to 25 or 30, assuming that all the newcomers are worthy of such a decoration, that is (which I highly doubt).

So, stop telling me there’s no [fill in the blank] music. As a matter of fact, take that energy you use to bitch & moan, & instead, fine-tune those ears. It would behoove you to do as much, trust me. From my vantage point, 2011 is gearing up to be one of the most crowded years for no-name rap cats & noob MC’s. If we stop listening to the bullshit (whatever “bullshit” is to you), it won’t even matter that it’s there. If you smell my cologne.


11 comments on “‘Too Much Music’

  1. Mark Dub says:

    Such a bright picture you paint of the future, my friend. Sorry if I’m not so optimistic.


  2. Capital G says:

    You said “noob MC’s”, that’s that video game slang. You playing Black Ops in your spare time? On some real shit though, there is an over saturation of music being released. Back in my day (grandpa voice) when Tuesday hit and you took your ass to the record shop it was either the new EPMD or the new Ice Cube, not 40 different versions of the same wack garbage. In my opinion the more the merrier, you might just find something really dope that catches your ear. Sad reality is, you probably gonna catch the next Soulja Bitch or Lil B or Wacka Fuckin Lame since the idea of “skills” went the way of the Dodo bird.


    • Tony Grands says:

      I can trace “noob” back to the first Mortal Kombat stand-alone (arcade) where I guy would come from the side of the screen & yell it. If u pressed the right button there was a bonus or some shit. That was 20 years ago, lol. No COD yet, though. I can’t seem to unravel my fingers from Midnight Club: LA complete edition.


  3. Soulrise says:

    Without the Internet I probably wouldn’t have caught on to cats like Freddie Gibbs, Pill, Playboy Tre, or hella other rappers that will probably never get major label deals or strong enough distro to make it to the West Coast/Bay Area record stores. Yes the internet has allowed cats like Soulja Boy, 50 Tyson, and Wacka Flocka an arena to breathe but if I don’t listen then they’re really not hurting me.

    I look at the oversaturation of rap on the internet as the new form of record digging. If you wade thru enough bullshit (whether it be flea markets and garage sales for scores on rare vinyl or whatever blog you get your music from) you’ll find some gems. Or else you’re not lookin hard enough, which is what Time Warner, Universal, etc. want.


  4. sYk says:

    “the internet as the new form of record digging”

    ^ this

    Bottom line, there’s too much rap in the archives for the OG to check for the new, and too much new being released weekly for the youngin’ to go in the archives.



    • Tony Grands says:

      & they wonder why nobody buys music anymore…

      The competitive nature of rap music is making it a narcissistic cannibal. Niggas that were once trying to out-grind the next man in records sells is last years bullshit. Cats compete now by giving away the most free music. Win for the fans(?), if u don’t mind being shortchanged on “quality,” but that whole ethos can’t end well for the artist or the financial stability of the rap industry.



      • Soulrise says:

        I semi-agree on that point. The average listener (not diehard fan) doesn’t pay for music period, whether it’s a shitty free mixtape or the new Kanye or T.I. “album” with a hella big budget. When you look at it like that I can see why rappers would prefer to just put out “free” mixtapes with them rappin over other rappers’ instrumentals that they don’t have to pay for. I guess their hope now is to earn fan loyalty for when they tour or start peddling clothes/video games/alcohol/whatever.


  5. The idea of who’s “putting in the work” to “get music out” is what causes the problem of it being hard to find ANY type of hip hop music that you like. Let alone what one would define as good. As discussed in E-15: Wack Shit FTW? With YT, FB & TW being the easiest (and I mean so simple a child can do it) outlets the “bullshit” will continue to dominate. However…

    What a bigger problem may be is that whoever still makes “good” hip hop music refuses to embrace the new means of putting out music so that it can be heard. If an “artist” can hit every spot he can [insert here].com/[fill in the blank] and give us his “music” why can’t an artist of “higher caliber” do the same?

    When it comes down to it, the real problem is this. Your average listener TRULY has heard it all. EVERYTHING. Intellectual rap, backpack, hardcore, east coast, west coast, sing song, ringtone, murda murda, kill kill, party all the time (no E. Murphy), bust nuts, rock ice, drive fast, die young, I’m the best, can’t touch this, sell it, pack it, ship it, find me in the hood and ALL that. So what’s left for them to do instead of listen? Jump in and actually TRY to say something different.

    Think about it. When’s the last time you listened to any music and said, “Hmm, I’ve never heard that before?”



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