TGDC Pays Homage To Rappers With Perms


The perm, introduced by Karl Nessler in the early 1900’s, is a chemical process that changes the compound of human hair, leaving it free to be molded & sculptured to one’s technical desire. People of all races & ages, both male & female use perms to detangle & luxuriate their collective manes to this day.

A similar, temporary effect can be achieved using a hot comb instead. So for the duration of this conversation, “the perm” refers to chemically permed or hot-combed tresses.

Nowadays, with the world being so unisex, it’s not uncommon to see men with long, windswept hairdo’s. Over the years this has even become the case in some of the images portrayed in rap music. Sure, long hair isn’t new to Hip Hop, but for what seems like at least the last two decades, said hair was braided in fanciful intricacies. But braids – even fanciful ones – are totally different than a hairstyle that occasionally needs to be gently brushed away from one’s eyelashes.

There was a time – many moons ago – when if you saw a perm on a man, it meant that you were in the presence of a pimp or a certified OG gangster. These days, however, you’ll find cats (the ones whose braids make it past their neck) rocking perms just because they can. & some of their hair is longer than their babymommas’ live-in girlfriends’, which makes the scenario that much more peculiar, if you smell my cologne.

As we watch the jeans get skinnier & the jewelry (earring & bracelets, more specifically speaking) get bigger, R&WIFDP wants to give a shoutout to the Hip Hop originators, who were letting their hair down long before it started to become all trendy. Seriously, I have no doubt in my mind that a lot more rap cats will be growing out & then wearing their hair down. How do I know this? Because I saw a picture of A$AP Rocky with his braidlocks down about a day ago & I feel like nothing says “swag” like a man with a bobbed haircut rapping about how many bitches he gets.

It’s only a matter of time before “everybody” is doing it, too.

Andre 3000

Max B (

Snoop Dogg (

Danny Brown (

DJ Quik (

Rappin’ 4-Tay (

Ice-T (

Suga Free

Mack 10 (

4 comments on “TGDC Pays Homage To Rappers With Perms

  1. I never knew Mack 10 had a perm. Ha.
    When I was 16, I wanted one. My pops wasn’t having it though.


  2. markdub7 says:

    I could never do it. I hate having much hair on my head. And I could never wrap my head around the concept of “getting my hair done”. Not knocking anyone who did it; it just wasn’t ever for me.


  3. Phlip says:

    Storytime with Phlip…

    I come from an oldschool southern family, the kind with grandmothers wanted all their grandkids to have “good hair,” and it didn’t help that my granny’s (moms mother) is as much black (only ½) and Native American (another ¼) and white (the last ¼)… Naturally, her siblings and children have straight hair.
    My siblings and I apparently took after my dad’s side as far as hair goes.

    Anyway, around age 12, Granny decided that my brother and I wanted to have one of those texturizer kits in our heads, and we resisted hardcore because, well “perms are for women and faggots,” we said at the time.

    21 years later now, both of us have waist-length dreadlocks, lulz


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