On Young Buck, Forgiveness, and Why 50 Cent May Be The Country’s Last Living Slave Owner



Words by Tony Grands

Since the collapse of G-Unit (as a crew/company/gang), the record label has been embroiled in all sorts of beefs & controversies.

The most prolific beefs are usually the internal ones, involving 50 Cent treating his record label artists like the rappers he beefs with. Rappers like Nas, Ja Rule, Fat Joe, Rick Ross, Jay Z, etc. The list is damn near endless.

Having said that, I commend Young Buck on re-pledging his allegiance to 50 Cent G-Unit. After all that 50 put him through over the years – from embarrassment to kinda sorta being the reason he went to jail once – and for him to still turn the other cheek, the way Jesus taught us to, is impressive and admirable. It takes chutzpah and insane levels of maturity to dismount such an epic failure in such a grandiose fashion. Most artists that get screwed by the label have nothing but bad blood and unkind words for theirĀ  previous pimps former label heads. Not Buck, though. Ol’ Davey Dave decided to g’head and let bygones by bygones and he is back with G Unit, representing them to the fullest.

One side of me understands the importance of being the bigger man. I get it. Without reconcile, progress is questionable. In order to get over something, one must walk through it. Gotta face your battles head-on. Blah blah blah. As “easy” as it would have been for Buck to unleash a continual tirade against Curtis (a la Jayceon Taylor) he chilled as best he could. His peculiar loyalty obviously paid off, evidenced by the shitload of new music 50 ‘n’ friends have poured online. I’ve no idea if this reunion has been lucrative for the team, but I’m sure 50 takes care of any expenses, both necessary and flagrant, as long as the team works under his guidelines.

But there’s another side of me. A devious side. A side that knows how much Buck, regardless of his newfound positivity, probably wants revenge. Shit, I would. Buck may be able to put aside pride and ego for the sake of bettering his life, but no man willingly accepts being treated like bitch in public by another man. Or even by a woman, for that matter. Young Buck may be praising his “big brother,” but fuck all that. There’s getback in the air and I’m not putting it past Buck to be plotting and scheming when he’s not being forced into the studio making as much music as possible. (Because remember, Buck still owes 50 Cent some monies, so the nice guy routine he’s pulling off could just be an act to hide the fact that he’s now living a life of indentured servitude. That would technically mean that 50 Cent could very well be the last operable slave owner in America, effectually making his label a plantation, but that’s neither here nor there.)

Think about it; this is the type of scenario that plays out in movies all the time. Big man crushes little man. Big man has change of heart and helps rebuild little man. Little man eventually becomes big man. Old big man then becomes new crushed little man. I don’t know if the cycle continues because that’s normally where the movie ends, but you catch my drift. I wish I had paid more attention to Shakespeare in school because I’m sure he wrote a play about something like this. Or was it Tyler Perry? Sometimes I get those 2 guys confused with each other.


Honestly speaking, G Unit’s haydays are behind them. I don’t doubt that they’ll collectively drop solid music over the years, but the amount of attention once garnered has decreased substantially. Many of today’s bandwagon rap “fans” know nothing of Young Buck’s tumultuous ride with the Guerilla Unit. Or know about how dope his spinning chain was.


Under this version of the narrative, Buck has moved on, released his demons, and is focused on rebuilding himself. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger in “The Terminator.” That makes sense, too, I guess. Nevertheless, I wish him all the success he’ll be allowed to have.

Words by Tony Grands
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One comment on “On Young Buck, Forgiveness, and Why 50 Cent May Be The Country’s Last Living Slave Owner

  1. Dictionary75 says:

    I’m gonna read this article, but I’m telling you now, I don’t like the title.


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