TGDC News: Watch The Most Frightening Rap Video Of 2015


This is Baby Ceo, an artist signed with Fredo Santana’s record label. He raps about what all the other rappers rap about except he is a kid. A young one at that. Not even a teenager yet. (And may not get to that point, either, unfortunately.) This is easily the scariest thing I’ve seen online in some weeks, although it isn’t at all surprising. I’m not sure where we’re headed — as a society — but it’s clear that all of us will not make it there safely. And for what it’s worth, I didn’t see any White people holding guns and spewing genocidal hate. Just saying.

By no means am I condoning this type of perverse spin on what is considered “rap music,” but I couldn’t watch this happen without sharing and informing you of what bubbles below the surface.

Disclaimer: This representation is not representative of the Hip Hop culture as a whole, this is merely one group’s interpretation of it.

— Tony Grands

2 comments on “TGDC News: Watch The Most Frightening Rap Video Of 2015

  1. Capital G says:

    This is what the fuck is wrong with Chicago (or anywhere for that matter, but Chicago in this instance) What kind of grown man would hang out with this child and let him A.) play with guns B.) smoke weed C.) even remotely start to say some wild shit like “these niggas is pussy” or any other type slick shit that would get said little boy spanked extra hard or straight beat the fuck up like an adult? Where the hell are this kid’s parents? There’s so much wrong with this it’s almost unbelievable… if it wasn’t Chicago


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