Quickies: A Brief Prediction on Meek Mill’s Next 5 Moves


No matter what, Meek Mill wins this beef. He’s arguably now more popular than ever and has nowhere to go but up. Wonder what he’s going to do next? We have some ideas.


5. Grow his braids back. Can’t be popping off to all these rap cats with a head full of tapered waves. Once Pusha T shaved his cornrow crown, it became any man’s to claim and let hang.

4. Get Nicki Minaj pregnant. Throwing shots at Drake and getting a response was a man’s man moment. The type of life victory you can only celebrate with the impregnation of your partner. Breeding is the rawest form of masculinity, fellas.

3. Beef with Rick Ross. Every famous narrative in history involves some sort of uprise from the second-in-command to challenge their leader. It’s only so long that Meek will stand behind Ross. Especially if Nicki is in his ear like Dutchess on Black Ink, pulling the puppet strings unbeknownst to him.

2. Start a “real nigga” relationship, love, and romance advice podcast with Nicki Minaj that addresses issues that affect only the urban American community.


1. Launch a record label. Meek will take all that he learned from Rick Ross over the years, and attempt to drive him out of the lane he rode in with Ross for years. He’ll recruit the old neighborhood as “artists,” only to later get involved with and arrested for a plethora of illegal activities (which he may or may not have direct involvement with), and eventually become wealthy writing crime novels from the penitentiary.

Hip Hop moves fast. Like in dawg years. This entire sequence of events could possibly ALL take place over the next 2.5 years.

Stay tuned.

— Tony Grands

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