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I’m no snitch, and I’m far from a confidential informant, but I’m a man. And we’re here for other men. In a masculine way, of course. And I wouldn’t feel right knowing that you could potentially be the other man without giving you simple signs to scan for.

This has nothing to do with Cuffing Season nor the banning of Valentine’s Day. It’s about watching your back, as we should all do, as men, for each other.

Read these 7 Signs that she might have another dude, and if need be, do further research.

Godspeed, brother.


She doesn’t let you answer the phone.
In most normal instances, there’s no reason for another person not to be able to answer your phone if it’s ringing. Understandably so, one’s privacy is an issue, but that’s not what we’re talking about. There have been hundreds of times when whoever I was with said something to me to the effect of, “Answer the phone for me please.” If you’ve been with someone for a substantial amount of time and have been in this position, yet were told not to answer the phone, allow that to be a red flag. As Too $hort would say, don’t fight the feeling.

You only visit her family, never her friends.
Family will dislike anybody who you’ll ever choose to be with. They could not care less who the person is, what the person looks like, or anything of that nature unless the person is actively doing you harm or overwhelmingly making you happy. Middle ground is meh. As long as that’s not the case, and there’s no Ike and Tina situation jumping off, they couldn’t and generally won’t be bothered with your presence. Notice the next time that you go to a family function. You probably sit in the corner and watch the football game with some old dude you don’t know. This scenario may play out a couple of times a year for you. But, for the life of you, you can’t count the amount of times you’ve gone to a friend’s party with her. A buddy’s house to chill. There’s a reason for this. I’m not here to dissuade you or sway your emotions in any logical direction, I’m just saying. Let this , too, be a red flag.

She never have conversations on the phone in front of you.
Remember when you were a kid, and you’d be sitting in the living room with your parents, enjoying a great day of Cosby Show-like familial loving? Suddenly, the cordless phone would ring, and one of your parents — the sneaky one — would answer stealthily, mumble gently, then quickly excuse themselves from the room? Same shit here. This is possibly the oldest, boldest, most flagrant move in any player’s repertoire. If she leaves the room to talk on the phone — or worse, tells you to be quiet when it rings — stay on your toes, playboy. And look alive.

She has more than one male name tattooed on her.
My wife has 4 or 5 tattoos. Yes, it’s a bit ghetto, but at least they aren’t scribbled ‘pon her neck or plastered ‘cross her cleavage valley. They’re in respectable, corporate places. One name is mine, the other is her only son’s. If for whatever reason we don’t work out, it ain’t a man alive that won’t be on notice because of these men’s names she has etched into her flesh. Something as permanent as a tattoo denotes a level of love that won’t easily be disrupted by continual deliverance of side penis. If she has numerous male names on her body, stay ‘woke, fella.

You have a lot of dates at the park, the beach.
Only having dates in quiet, isolated places like parks or beaches means she doesn’t want to be seen or she’s a serial killer and eventually one of these dates will result in you being bludgeoned to death by a blunt object. I’m going to assume that your taste is better than trying to court someone who intends to murder you, and go with the former scenario. There’s a reason she does not want to be seen, and it’s probably not a self-esteem issue. She’s probably not hiding from her friends because she thinks the outside world perceives hair as ugly. She’s probably hiding from that other dude that she has. You have to be careful in the isolated date situation because it seems every episode of cheaters begins in that setting. And the last thing you need is some nosey ass TV personality exploiting your emotions for ratings, nahmean?

She doesn’t follow you on any social media but has all the popular accounts.
If your girl is always talking about popular Facebook or Twitter or Snapchat stuff but does not follow you on any of them, you should be concerned. The same can be said for any social media website. There’s a no excuse for you not to be included in her digital shenanigans and portable hi jinx if y’all are an item. Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt and say she just hasn’t gotten around to following you yet. Go to her accounts. If they are all private, you may have some things to worry about.

The toilet seat is up.
This should be the first thing you’re looking for. There are but a few reasons why a toilet seat is left up. And if the reason, pretell, isn’t because another man is around, be warned. I used to leave the seat up because I had a drinking problem and was constantly barfing. Either way, watch the throne, like Kanye and Jay. And watch your ass, like a man in prison.

None of these things should be taken as scientific proof or factual evidence of your girl having another man. All I’m doing is providing a platform for your observations and perspectives to mingle freely until some sort of clarity is reached. In other words, I’m not trying to tell you that your girl is cheating. I just want you to be prepared just in case.

As men we’re supposed to look out for one another, no?

Thank me later…

Words by Tony Grands
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