“You Know You’re A Smartphone Addict If…”

Here’s the thing…

It’s only a matter of time before the machines make themselves our masters and The Terminator series goes from movie franchise to historical docu-drama, so I advise you stick close to your smartphone. That way you have at least one ally in future dystopia. But beyond that, be mindful. Seek help. Crack addiction usually ends in prostitution and death. Let’s hope for a better outcome with this.

And on a more positive note, just by clicking this story, you’re making progress, guys.

And I’m proud of you.

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Words by Tony Grands

Why I Support Hakeem Lyon’s Choice To Avoid A Controversial Photo Op

Bryshere Gray aka Hakeem Lyon

Bryshere Gray, widely known around the world as infamous MC, Hakeem Lyon, star of the musical drama Empire, is under the proverbial gun right now for deciding not to take a photo with a Philadelphia drag queen musical collective known as Philly Drag Mafia.


Bryshere — nee Hakeem — was in town to perform at the Anti-Defamation League’s Walk Against Hate and the PDM opened up for him. So, it would only make sense that he would take photographs with this local act, seeing as though he’s such a big star, right?

According to people that were at the function, Bryshere made himself available to take photographs and selfies with various members of the audience as well as other entertainers. However, when it came time to take photos with Philly Drag Mafia, Bryshere decided against it. Now, the young lad who was once loved by everyone, is receiving hate mail and unnecessary rhetoric for the decision to avoid the obvious controversy and stigmatization that would be fused with such seemingly innocent photographs.

Young Hakeem Lyon is in the infant stages of a very successful career as an entertainer. It is vital for him to make decisions that will not only benefit him in the future but also protect him in the present. I don’t know if one of his “people” told him not to take the photo, but in my opinion, it was the best choice to make under such influential circumstances.

See, here’s the thing…

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Words by Tony Grands


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Dear Next Generation Internet Model


Let’s be real here. The internet has ruined a few things. It was designed to be a tool to help information spread around the world, but in the process of creating such a virtual Highway, a bevy, a literal plethora of other important aspects of humanity have been trampled.

Two things the internet surely altered beyond immediate repair are the music industry and the modeling industry. Back in the day there were very few lanes for music and provocative photography to travel mainstream-ly. Subsequently what that did was force amateurs to be as professional and accurate as possible because they’d contending with legitimate competition. (No matter what field you’re referring to, this applies.) What the internet did, though, was level the playing field almost to the point that it is now concave. It doesn’t matter how good or bad you look or sound…all that matters is how hard you hustle.

In steps the internet model.

3fe3341f-d63d-4a63-aa2a-dbc2e6902b07.13045789_503730536480558_364362310_n.mp4 The internet model is a savvy, digital hustler who has probably been watching various sorts of get money schemes her entire life, kinda like a real-life elective class. The moment she realized men will pay to look at her jiggle her wigglies, it was on and cracking, as the young people say.

The first generation internet models were basically strippers and pornstars and magazine models, so they were already ahead of the game as far as financing their sexual services. They monetized man’s fantasies before the dot com era and are the trailblazers of the avenues created for today’s thots and rats to shake their way into our collective hearts. And sometimes, pants.

But here’s the thing…

The internet model game has exploded over the past couple of years. For the most part, any girl — and I do pretty much mean any — with viable breasts and a sizable butt feels a need to force her figure upon our non-judgemental screens.

(Not that I’m complaining. God bless lascivity. Hell, if I were born a woman, I’m pretty sure that not only would I be a whore, but I’d probably have dozens of children by dozens of different men. My proclivity for promiscuity would know no bounds. And thusly so, I would also probably be rich. Which brings me back to the next generation of Internet models.)

I definitely understand the hustle. The hustle, however, has become saturated and it seems that the players are becoming somewhat lazy. This is coming from a veteran creep an aficionado. I spend countless minutes, no, probably hours looking at women online throughout the week. This is not counting weekends, where sometimes I go extra hard to make up for moments lost amidst the work week. All of this gives me the authority to say the following…

Dear next generation Internet models, I need you to buy better cameras. I can’t enjoy your work if I’m squinting because if it’s too fuzzy, it’s like masturbating to a memory. That defeats the purpose. I know you get PayPal money, because I see your registration to all the gift websites in your bio. Take a small portion from your weave fund and upgrade that phone. Your dedicated fans, and even the non-paying ones demand it. I should be able to see stretch marks without giving myself a headache.

I also noticed this next generation of Internet model isn’t concerned with their facial appearance. And I say this with all due respect. I mean, they know we’re tuning in to check out assets so the fact that their face may be a liability doesn’t seem to come into the equation. Ladies, I’m here to tell you that it does come into the equation. Granted, I’m here to see your ass talent, but have the common decency to throw on some lipstick. At least some lip gloss. Put your hair in a ponytail for Hugh Hefner’s sake. Don’t just show up to the party and jump in front of the camera like your fresh off of a power nap. Because even though I don’t know you, in my mind, you are my girlfriend for the next however many minutes. The least you could do is look presentable while I’m visiting. Keep it classy, ladies. Please.

And, if I may say this without sounding harsh, if you know you aren’t that attractive yet feel the incessant need to pursue a career as an internet model, act accordingly. Seriously. There’s really no reason to smile all up in the camera if you don’t have the type of face that belongs all up in the camera, especially when that’s not the reason the people came. (You see what I did there?) Some of these women have bodies like goddesses but faces like the grill of a Honda Odyssey and either dont think we’ll notice or couldn’t care less.

This attitude seems to be a growing trend.

The fact that I’m not that easy on the eyes will be overlooked by the amount of cake and ice cream I supplied the party with.

Maybe, maybe not, but why even take that chance?

All I’m asking, next generation Internet model, is that you keep it real with yourself and in that process you will be, in essence, keeping it real with me as well. That’s the easiest way to achieve social harmony.

And just as an afterthought, if you know your asscheeks a full of scars, acne marks, knife wounds, and bullet holes, the outfit you’re wearing on camera needs to be A-plus. Top Notch. Because stretch marks are sexy. Tiger stripes of milfy experience. They are indicative of maturity, growth. Bullet scars and knife-caused keloids, however, are indicative of danger and the possibility of harm or injury. Keep these things in mind, for future reference. The same theory applies to your background scenery. Your ice cream and cake is only as yummy as the bathroom mirror is clean.

Next generation Internet model, this comes not from a place of criticism or complaint, but from a location of love. Computer love, word to Roger Troutman.

Words by Tony Grands

Chiraq Online | Controversy Corner


It’s no secret that law enforcement and federal agencies use social media to help them catch criminals. Whether we’re referring to hip hop cops or the actual FBI, social media has become a fully automated, artificially intelligent, self-snitching machine and if we, the users, are aware of this, we can only imagine what Big Brother knows.

There are dozens, if not hundreds of instances of social websites like Instagram being used to catch criminals. These criminals include felons who shouldn’t have guns, child molesters, and Peeping Toms. Technically, all criminals by law, but not necessarily the caliber of wrong-doer that the local police department’s technology unit should be dedicating a lot of man hours to.

More appropriately, there was a murderer caught thanks to his snapchat posts. He’s not the only murderer apprehended, either. There was an arrest in the murder of a Texas student because of something posted on Twitter.

These are but a few examples, but they are more than enough. Clearly, the information superhighway has roads traveling in all directions and your intended destination determines which lane you travel.

This current road takes us to Chicago, Illinois. Unless you live under a rock, you are well aware of the tumultuous shockwaves of violence that continually reverberate through the city. (Shootings in the city are up 200% from last year at this time.) A lot of folks will tell you that it’s not necessarily Chicago being ravaged by the seemingly nonstop string of shootings, but a sub-section of it referred to as the “Chiraq.” There is a Hip Hop Youtuber named DJ Akademics that graciously narrates Chiraq’s deadly crime scene from a Hip Hop perspective, and although he does so from a somewhat satiric stance, the coverage of what goes on that doesn’t make the news is both breaktaking and unbelievable. He gives personality and humanity to the robotic, emotionless, genocidal phenomenon.


Chiraq’s mythology is propelled by its domestic soundtrack, Drill music. Drill has produced its fair share of popular rappers, namely Chief Keef and Lil Reese, but Drill rap, unbeknownst to quite a few, is murder music. It’s very tribal, cylindrical and intimate, if you know what you’re listening to. These guys, who have just as much talent as any other rappers, basically send messages of death and mayhem back and forth to one another in the form of rap songs. And while a fair amount of the guys and girls out are legitimately talented enough to make it as rap artists on the big stage, it looks like the name of that game is survival. If they don’t leave Chiraq, they may not ever leave Chiraq. In addition to DJ Akademics, check out KollegeKidd.com.

It seems to be a formula: make videos displaying all their weapons, detail their plans to whoever is in viewing vicinity, post these videos online, and in many, many instances, carry out the actions that were foretold. And even with the internet acting as the world’s most cooperative confidential informant, rarely do I ever hear about any of these dudes ever facing any sort of criminal charges. That’s very telling of a much larger problem that I’m starting to notice. At first, I thought it was just my normal perception: two parts paranoia, one part common sense, with a twist of pessimistic optimism. But now I believe it may be something different.

Peep game.

The current mayor, Rahm Emmanuel, appears to be inept and unequipped to handle Chicago’s crime climate. It almost looks as if he doesn’t care. Regardless of speeches and empty political rhetoric, he seems to be just as far removed from Chicago as the President has been during his campaign. The difference, however, is that President Obama isn’t in a position to play favorites. He has an entire country to babysit. Rahm, on the other hand, isn’t even able to maintain the little piece of America he is supposed to legally be responsible for. And clearly everyone being shot at or killed in “Chiraq” isn’t a rapper or gang member. Now, I’m no conspiracy theorist, but one has to wonder why there hasn’t been any saviors swooping from the Midwest skies to save the sorrowful souls in distress? Is it the same reason the the already proven successful tactics used to hunt down misdemeanor criminals online has yet to be applied to the terrorized back streets and front alleys of Chiraq?

If you ask me, I believe Chicago has been targeted. For what? I’m not sure yet.

Genocide maybe?

Perhaps there is some new psychedelic, mind altering weapon that has been developed and somehow Chicago was chosen to be its testing ground zero years ago.

Maybe this is all just man-made hyperbole, designed to distract us from some other, more sinister plot twist, like an alien invasion or the Zika outbreak.

Of course I’m an outsider, so my opinion should be taken with a grain of salt, but I’m also no dummy. Something is amiss. The cops have even begun to give up on the people. It’s a bit like the Flint Water Crisis, where a sect of people clearly need help and can’t rely on any of the local powers that be for asistance or support, which is eerily similar to the Black man’s plight in America. And somehow I don’t think any of that is coincidence.

Words by Tony Grands
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