“You Know You’re A Smartphone Addict If…”

Here’s the thing…

It’s only a matter of time before the machines make themselves our masters and The Terminator series goes from movie franchise to historical docu-drama, so I advise you stick close to your smartphone. That way you have at least one ally in future dystopia. But beyond that, be mindful. Seek help. Crack addiction usually ends in prostitution and death. Let’s hope for a better outcome with this.

And on a more positive note, just by clicking this story, you’re making progress, guys.

And I’m proud of you.

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Words by Tony Grands

The L.S.D.A.A. Salutes Terrence Howard for Bringing Lightskin Dudes Back


On behalf of the L.S.D.A.A. (Lightskin Dudes Association of America), Grands is back to thank Terrence Howard for being the face of the latest push to prove that light-brights, mellow yellows, and male redbones ain’t out of style yet, despite what Chris Brown, Boris Khodjoe, or Prince Nelson Rogers may have you thinking.

Enjoy the video below and remember it’s all in fun.

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Words by Tony Grands
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