R&WIFDP NBA Report 6/19/2011 “Signing Off”


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The Headlines 5/11/11


US lawmakers to see picture of bin Laden’s corpse [foxnews.com]

Presbyterians clear way for gay clergy [cbsnews.com]

Celtics Taking On the Look of a Champion No Longer [nytimes.com]

Facebook leaked personal data to advertisers [gizmodo.com]

Facebook For Preteens: Should You or Shouldn’t You? [momtastic.com]

Officials Warn Facebook and Twitter Increase Police Vulnerability [foxnews.com]

Review: The Lonely Island’s new album “Turtleneck & Chain” [latimes.com]

Mississippi flood damages could reach billions [usatoday.com]

Russell Westbrook’s itchy trigger finger [espn.com]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Speaks: He and Maria “Love Each Other Very Much” [eonline.com]