Is ‘Black Lives Matter’ a Terrorist Group? 906 People Think So

In January of 2017, a petition was created to label the Black Lives Matter movement a terrorist organization.

To many, especially those that know reality from fiction, this is ridiculous. BLM was engineered as a reaction to the treatment people of color (not just Blacks, because that would be racist) by law enforcement nationwide. Any aggression, theoretically, could be perceived as a reaction to events that transpired before some of us were even born, and could technically be deemed self defense.

Black Lives Matter was, and still is, a call to proverbial arms, a social fog horn, a figurative flare launched skyward to illuminate the hate, intolerance, and injustice that exists yet went goes largely ignored. But…

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Words by Tony Grands

Why Do We Protest?


It never fails. An unarmed, undangerous person gets slaughtered reasonlessly by those sworn to protect and serve. As hands, heads, and hearts come together for prayer and personal upliftment, a voice from in the distant shouts “But y’all kill each other every day. What’s the big deal?”

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Lamar Odom, A Million Men Marching, and the Truth About Black Lives Mattering



As many of you know, the Million Man March recently celebrated its 20th year anniversary, renamed “Justice or Else.” The celebration was actually…another march. In Washington. A revival, if you will. Although no official number has been released, speculation has it that thousands of Black men, women, and children (and others) attended the event. However, the march — which was more of a culminated celebration of black love and a cry for unity than just a march — received virtually zero attention from the media.

Seriously, none of the major news outlets carried any information pertaining to #JusticeOrElse. Now, I understand that in this post-racial American apocalypse, Black lives don’t really matter, but give me a break. Not one iota of coverage? Not even BET (who eagerly aired the BET Hip Hop awards)? Or MTV? What about VH1? These three stations have virtually redefined their legacy and successes on the blood, sweat, and tears of African American entertainment and they couldn’t even give 30 measly minutes of airtime to Justice or Else? Hell, let’s throw ESPN in the mix as well, just to spice things up a bit. These outlets generate millions of dollars, probably monthly, due to African America. Be it sports or music, if you turn on one of these four channels at any given time of day I guarantee you that a Black face will appear on your screen in less than 37 seconds of the button press. And I vigorously invite someone to prove me wrong on that.

For the most part, the only way information about the Million Man March/#JusticeOrElse even reached the masses that were unable to attend was through social media. Facebook and Twitter were flooded with images of the Million Man March anniversary gathering. It looked awesome.


Meanwhile, while brothers and sisters were trying to work it out, ex-NBA all-star Lamar Odom was having his own celebration at a Las Vegas brothel. Following a reported drug and alcohol binge that last for 3-4 days, he was found face down in the room he rented, unconscious and unresponsive. He was taken to a hospital in a coma, and he is still in said condition right now.


According to reports, his organs are failing, he’s had several strokes, and doctors can’t even get a true measurement of the extent of damage because of the existing damage they have to first sort through. It’s also important to point out that many — if not most — reports are unconfirmed, merely professional speculation.

This media frenzy reminds me of the Bobbi Kristina situation. So much ado about things we don’t know. For example, Lamar could already be dead, and TMZ wouldn’t want you to know because it could affect their ratings. Plus, spinning propaganda about dead Black men isn’t as profitable as dragging a barely breathing one through the mud. I see you, Harvey Levin.

Notice how much press Lamar Odom’s tragic story is getting. They have NEVER talked about him this much. Not even when he won his second championship with the Lakers. Now turn that coin over. The media mainstays that have been pumping you full of depressing L.O. updates are the same ones that had nothing to say about the march. Coincidence? Hell no…


The older I get, the more cynical I become. I’ve honed that cynicism into a sledgehammer of optimistic pessimism, and I can no longer look at the world like I did when I didn’t know any better. The media (which is all controlled by 6 entities), seems to only report on the crime, the sickness, and the degradation of African American people, with no hesitation and no fucks given. Let us even attempt to publicly pull together for the collective betterment of the tribe and we become invisible. Why? Because a protest can easily be manipulated and reported on by the media as a riot. But a peaceful, educational, uplifting lovefest is clearly a little harder to color gray. It’s obviously easier to just ignore those things.

In the same vein, it shouldn’t take a celebrity’s slo-mo demise to highlight America’s unyielding obsession with substance abuse. Facebook was and has been flooded with Odomites sending prayers, well wishes, and cursing the demons that helped him get to this spot. Those same well-wishers probably have numerous relatives on Facebook with similar hardships that don’t receive half of the sympathy that their family members are expressing for a stranger. We worship idols and sob uncontrollably when they reveal the cracks and chinks in their armor, yet turn blind eyes to our own with the same problems. That, to me, is crazy.

So, as the world waits with baited breath on the next piece of Lamar Odom news, nothing much else has changed. Get well soon, L.O. God bless us all.

Words by Tony Grands

White Iverson and the Black Lives Matter Movement


Remember a couple of years ago, when it seemed that White guys were taking over rap music? Mac Miller, Macklemore, even the oft-putting Yelawolf were all descending upon the Hip Hop culture at breakneck speed and even though there were voices against their imminent contact, they landed with relatively no damage done. Everyone is still safe. Years later, after the proverbial smoke had been comfortably settled, the Internet’s trolls have struck again, this time targeting new White kid on the block, Post Malone.

Malone is best known for his internet hit “White Iverson,” and as surely as his nominal celebrity stock began to climb, there has been an attempt to pull him back down a few pegs. It never fails. A clip has been “leaked” of him saying nigga as he watches cute kitten videos with a questionably overstimulated friend.

The 7-second clip has been looped below so you don’t misinterpret what Young Malone is muttering.

Right on cue, the sanctified Hip Hop nation sank their claws into Post Malone, even though the clip is some odd years old, condemning him for doing what he’s probably been doing for God-knows-how-long: appropriating Black culture to the point of recognized actuality. What that means is that he’s likely been “acting Black” for so long that he’s on a Rachel Dolezal level of self-awareness. Augmented reality in a sense. He said “nigga” because in his world, he is a nigga. Just look at his presentation. He perceives the Hip Hop culture as what he projects, and before we blame anyone for his seemingly intrepid identity crisis, realize that we aren’t the first group of African-Americans to witness his routine, if I may call it that. He’s passed hundreds, if not thousands of brothers and sisters over the years who assumedly had numerous opportunities to pull his coattails about his Blackface lifestyle. Nope. Didn’t happen. And by my calculations, it won’t happen. I doubt he’ll ever say I the n-word again publicly, but it won’t be because he’s been socially rehabilitated, it’ll be to avoid all this hassle. (But hey, all publicity is good publicity, so there’s that.)

I don’t see what the problem was to begin with. Obviously he was accepted by Hip Hop with open arms, like many Black-washed rappers before him, so why cry over spilled milk? No pun intended. These are the children of the Hip Hop Internet. Our babies.

I’m more concerned with the rap community’s lack of public support for the Black Lives Matter movement than I am about this kid calling some kittens nigga. I’m more disturbed by the number of BLM-inspired anthems and protest songs than I am about Post Malone emulating Jay Z or Schoolboy Q. For the Hip Hop nation to light up with scathing backlash toward Malone but continue to remain relatively quiet on what is arguably the second coming of the fight for civil rights is nothing short of mind-blowing. And for what it’s worth, I don’t expect rappers (or any other artists) to become activists or politicians for convenience, but as the issue of police brutality evolves into an issue of human rights, people who are blessed with a platform should at least grant others the access to it if they don’t want to use it themselves. It isn’t necessary for one to make waves to make a statement. All you have to do is make a move.

Hip Hop has always had its own freedom fighters, and aside from the astute X-Clan/Public Enemy/Poor Righteous Teachers/Paris days of rebel rap music, the rapper has always been more of a social standout than a purported political spokesperson. Ask any rapper that gets paid for his skill and he’ll quickly tell you that there’s no money in fighting the power, however there are still pockets of artists sprinkled throughout the rap game who decide to hunt for truth and justice.

Overall, it seems the message has gotten to burdensome for the messenger to bear, so it goes uncarried. Meanwhile we’re calling Post Malone a racist, which he clearly isn’t, and his braids are proof of that.

And shout out to Macklemore for helping the old school eat while those that truly benefit from their door-opening have no idea who they even are.

— Tony Grands