Welcome to Death Row: The Construction and Collapse of An Empire Documented


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As NWA’s Straight Outta Compton movie buzz dies down, Daz Dillinger — of Tha Dogg Pound — has been kicking up dust in regards to the next installment of the NWA fairytale. That next installment is that of Death Row Records.

In what seems like a rush to cash in on nostalgic nepotism, Daz began announcing his plans to write and produce the Death Row film while Straight Outta Compton was still earning money in theaters. Well, that ship has been stopped from sailing because, according to WIDEawake Entertainment Group (who controls Death Row records’ post-Marion Knight estate), WIDEawake owns the all the music, which in essence, is the story.

But just because they own the virtual soundtrack to the story of West Coast rapdom after the expiration of Eazy-E doesn’t mean that the story stops being told.

In 2001, a documentary was produced called Welcome To Death Row which captured the recorded history of the construction and collapse of Death Row Records. This movie is supposedly the basis of what Daz Dillinger is shopping as the “Dogg Pound 4 Life” movie.

The physical film has since slightly fallen out of rotation due to the uptick of internet era, but we have it here today.

Watch Welcome To Death Row below.

UPDATE: I’ve been told that Daz isn’t shopping this movie, the SOC team is.


Words by Tony Grands

Did Suge Knight Admit To Killing Eazy-E In 2003?


Thanks to the N.W.A biopic, Straight Outta Compton, many back stories and forgotten histories have been unearthed regarding N.W.A’s rise to prominence. Some were not so hidden, like the internal conflicts and disagreements, and others were not-so-well known, like the continual, sometimes physical conflict between Eazy-E and Suge Knight.

Rappers Bone Thugz N Harmony, a Cleveland act that Eazy discovered, have suggested a conspiracy behind Eazy’s death for years. Perhaps this is a piece to a bigger picture. With all the activity attached to Knight’s name it’s not farfetched to imagine he could have played a role in something as heinous as what’s implied.

In 2003, fresh out of jail for whatever, Suge Knight appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live and cracked an eerie, uncomfortable “joke” about alternative methods of murder then connects it to Eazy-E’s death. Watch the video below.

— Tony Grands