Is ‘Black Lives Matter’ a Terrorist Group? 906 People Think So

In January of 2017, a petition was created to label the Black Lives Matter movement a terrorist organization.

To many, especially those that know reality from fiction, this is ridiculous. BLM was engineered as a reaction to the treatment people of color (not just Blacks, because that would be racist) by law enforcement nationwide. Any aggression, theoretically, could be perceived as a reaction to events that transpired before some of us were even born, and could technically be deemed self defense.

Black Lives Matter was, and still is, a call to proverbial arms, a social fog horn, a figurative flare launched skyward to illuminate the hate, intolerance, and injustice that exists yet went goes largely ignored. But…

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Words by Tony Grands

‘Hate Doesn’t Discriminate (But Everybody Else Does)’


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‘Mike Tyson, Kobe Bryant, & The (Un)Friendly Skies’


“As announced on Larry King, Mike Tyson will become the face of LV Air and bring this amazing new carrier into the limelight of local, national and international aviation” via

I’ve been on an airplane twice in my life. The first time I was semi-buzzed, but the second time, no dice. &, I chose the window seat. In hindsight, it was probably more an attempt to impress my then-girlfriend, rather than to satisfy any natural curiosity. I didn’t really want to see those wings bounce & flop with the turbulence. Also, I refuse to believe that people find joy &/or amusement in being in a flying box, with no where to go, if need be, but heaven or hell. Fuck all that. I don’t fly because I don’t really have a need to. In fact, the furthest place I’ve ever been is Louisiana, & we drove there. But, that’s neither here nor there.

Some people depend on air travel like bums depend on free bus rides, though; for business purposes. Those people, even though numb to the dangers of flying, are still cognizant of the peripherals. For example, they pick specific airlines, for whatever reasons, & will complain if they find another potential passenger too terrorist-y. Regardless, perhaps I’m not up on my celebrity endorsements knowledge like I should be, but are famous folk pitching woo’s for airplane companies now? Is that what’s hot in the streets?

Not that I give a monkey’s tonsil, I’m just saying.

First, this Kobe Bryant vs The Armenian Nation via Turkish Airlines is getting so out of hand that, if I were him, Turkey could keep their little ol’ money. There’s really no reason for me to equate airplane flights with Kobe to begin with. He doesn’t fly nearly as much as he used to. He’s more equipped to sell me brake pads, or condoms, than a fantastic voyage to a country I don’t have any business being in, in the first place.

^notice the ball…

I guess it works, but for the record, there’s plenty of attractive actors & actresses that would sell those types of tickets in times like these with less hassle. It would behoove some buffoon to note that Kobe’s not even married to another Black person, which is it’s own set of in-grown headaches, without involving religious persecutions & what not.

According to LV Air, Iron Mike Tyson is now the face of it’s Las Vegas-based airline. [Sidenote: It’s common knowledge that Mike is a permanent fixture of the city, so on that level, it’s a somewhat smart move.] It offers all the necessities for the young, rich, & overly important douche nozzle traveler such as: a 24/7 concierge, never having to wait in line, & other wealthy people bullshittery. Nothing is wrong with that, & if you have the monies to piss away, I say make it rain on them bitches. However, Mike may not be the guy you want inviting customers to your booth, so to speak.

‘The Hangover’ was an okay flick & all, but it’s not a customer-service worthy performance or anything. No shots, Mike. What Mike could sell me, though, is medication, because I’ve seen him lay grown men down in seconds. Some even curled up like it was indeed nap-time. That’s that cough syrup shit right there. Robitussen would be beating down his publicist’s door. But then again, what do I know? I’m just a writer.

Besides, & correct me if I’m wrong, but the last fight Mike had was…at an airport! If I remember that, with all the problems that today’s Black man has on his mind, best believe that rich White people with nothing better to do remember as well. Now that’s he’s the “face” of the company, I can’t wait to see what spin the advertising department plans for that ghastly thing on his left cheek bone.

Good luck to both of them, regardless. & if you or someone you know happens to be in contact with either man, slide this link to ’em. Hopefully, they’ll know what to do with it.

I’ll be at the Greyhound station if you need me.

Something Like ‘The 3 Stooges.’


I’m not the type to get too deep with certain things, if only because I’d rather not look like an uninformed douche nozzle. Plus, everybody isn’t deep per se. I consider this some sort of entertainment to folks, so I’m not going to bog you down with news stories or political issues. There’s other sites who specialize in that sort of thing. I may have a little “Obama” fun every now & then, but that’s mainly to fuck with Mark Dub. You won’t read any health care rabble rousing or Tea Party name-calling here. That’s not how a roll. Word.

That said, that Times Square attempted bombing was a very serious thing. & not serious because of any of the obvious reasons. We, as a country, needed that wake up call, but even more substantial is the fact that the only reason the car didn’t blow up is that Faisal Shahzad didn’t fully understand the instructions on the “How to make a bomb at home” website. If dude had a few less loose screws, people would’ve died. Literally, the only thing that stopped that explosion was Shahzad’s ineptitude in life.

That made me think about Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. Or, ‘The Underwear Bomber.’ If I were a stripper, that’s what I’d call myself. Anyway, again, had that young man been a little less “not so bright,” & that would’ve been quite the statement. I’m not sure if I heard about the damage he sustained in that, but hopefully he can’t pro create. No shots. By the way, turning your crotch into a bomb, with the intention of detonation, is the hardbodiest move ever.

Somehow, thinking about his “underwear,” (no homo) reminded me of the whole ‘Shoe Bomber‘ pandemonium, which is only rivaled by the Anthrax scare of 2001. Without brief research, I can’t even recall Richard Reid’s exact story, but I know he had a bomb in his shoe. & only through some luck of the draw did he not kill Americans. Now, thanks to him, there’s X-ray machines that will eventually occupy every major airport worldwide. Some how, constant exposure to radiation seems a bit more dangerous than something that may or may not happen. Especially when the nation has the resources & the tools to prevent this sort of thing. Why we don’t use those resources & tools is beyond me. It’s easy to armchair quarterback.

Point is, this country is going through social & global changes. Reestablishing ourselves in a world where there are no more “super powers,” & don’t think for a second that these terrorist acts won’t increase in frequency. Every time “they” fail, what we perceive as failure is only more motivation for beliefs they’re willing to die for. I’d even go so far as to say we’ve been pretty lucky up to this point. God forbid I’m right, but sooner than later, expect suicide bomb occurring here. It’s just a matter of air & opportunity. Not to play the blame game, but it took a massive fuck up to redirect focus on domestic problems. In fact, that may have been the first wake up-call of many more to come. But I digress.

Props to the police dept., because they caught the guy relatively fast, but his capture is most assuredly gasoline to the fire.